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Lehigh Millennium Folk Arch & Art Enclave - Bethlehem, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Lehigh Millennium Folk Arch & Art Enclave sculpture garden is located about a five minute walk down a gravel path and through some very tall grass. Access is located off of Upper Sayre Park Road and Look Out Drive. It is difficult to park there, but there is some parking in a nearby fraternity lot about a five minute walk away.

In 1999, The Arch was constructed as part of an art course at Lehigh University. The course was entitled, Raw Vision: Creativity and Ecstasy in the Work of Shamans, Mystics, and Artist Outsiders. The course was taught by Mr. Norman Girardot, a Bethlehem resident and Professor Emeritus of Religion Studies, at Lehigh University. The class focused on the importance of the spirit through the eyes of shamans, mystics, and artists. It was inspired by outsider (self-taught) artists such as Howard Finster and local well-known Mr. Imagination, Gregory Warmack.

To build the Millennium Folk Arch, Norman and his class collaborated with the Banana Factory (Bethlehem’s Arts Center) and even some local middle school kids. The group worked under the guidance of Mr. Imagination on the project.

The sculptures are definitely fascinating and mystical. We definitely recommend checking it out.

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