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Last Christmas Mural - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The artist known as Birdcap, from Memphis, designed the mural as a memorial to honor his mother as a “giver of gifts”.

At the bottom of the mural it reads: Last Christmas, R.I.P. Mary Roy. Next to a heart appears the name Michael Roy.

If you go to Bedcap's Instagram page he explains the meaning of this mural. Click HERE to visit his Instagram page. His mother who grew up in rough times made sure that her children would know that they were loved. She would go all out for Christmas, decorating and purchasing the perfect gifts for her children. Before Mary Anne’s final Christmas she fell and ended up in the hospital. She never let on how sick she was to her children and gave them one amazing last Christmas.

Located at: 2308 East Carson Street, Pittsburg, PA

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