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Lakewood Park Campground - Barnesville, PA

Lakewood Park is a RV full hookup campground that is on 54 acres. The campground has a 10-acre lake; great for fishing, and kayaking/paddle boating!

For more information on the campground, click HERE to visit them online.

Located at: 6 Park Avenue Barnesville, PA 18214

Remnants of what used to be…

The Lakewood Park Campground and Venue are located on the former property that once entertained guests as the 'Lakewood Park' amusement park and theater. Thousands of people traveled from all around to enjoy the music, rides, swimming, theater, and boxing.

The park has not been used for entertainment purposes since 1984. Now the park is a campground and families come together for camping, fun, fishing, and relaxation.

There photos were taken while my husband and I were walking our dogs on trails that we discovered on the property.

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