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Kutz Family Graveyard - Kutztown, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Kutz Family Graveyard, Hottenstein Road, Kutztown, Berks County. According to MHBA the first 4 generations of this Kutz line are buried here.

Anne Wagner, a team member of the Berks County Association for Graveyard Preservation, was wondering around the Kutz cemetery when she stumbled upon a groundhog hole. Anne stopped and looked down the hole and saw what looked like granite.

Fellow preservationists started digging and 2 feet down unearthed a chunk of a tombstone - another foot below that the other half of the tombstone was found. The tombstone was that of Maria Susanna Scharatin Kutz - 2/10/1769 - 5/20/1847.

Anne also found the headstone of James, 2 years old, while digging a spot for the foot stone at Johannes and Maria’s grave. After digging up baby James’ tombstone, Anne placed it where she found it, at the foot of his parents grave.

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