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Kewpee Hamburgers - Lima, Ohio

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Whenever I’m in Lima, Ohio, I stop by Kewpee for a loaded hamburger. The first Kewpee, named after the Kewpie doll, was opened in 1928 in downtown Lima under the ownership of Stub Wilson and his wife, Julia.

As business grew a huge turntable was installed to spin your car around in order to exit the lot. Kewpee Hamburgers is Ohio's oldest burger restaurant and one of the oldest burger joints in America. There is a total of three locations in Lima. There is always a line for the drive thru that wraps around the block, but moves quickly. Not only is their food good, it only cost me 11.00 for 3 sandwiches, fries and a drink.

For more information on their Lima, Ohio locations, menu selections and hours, please visit their website at:

The original Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, OH

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