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Kern’s Grist Mill, Lehigh County, PA

The grist mill was built by Peter Kern in 1806, for whom Kernville was named. The mill was in fair to good condition in 1982, the roof was caving in and the building was in poor condition in 2001, and it was restored in June 2007. The Kern's Grist Mill has been standing for over 200 years. This gorgeous stone structure has four floors and the building measures about 40' x 50'.

A Grist Mill was a place where people would take their corn, wheat, or rye, to be ground. It would then be bagged and weighed so that it could be sold at markets. The mill relied on the water from the creek to power the large grinding stones (millstones) which were used to grind the "grist".

Located on the corner of Kernsville Road and Grist Mill Road

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