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Kempton Railroad - Kempton, PA

The Berks County Railroad began on June 18, 1874 when Reading dignitaries and their wives boarded a train from Reading to Lynnport. By 1883 the railroad was known as the Schuylkill and Lehigh. The train moved potatoes as this was Kempton’s major crop. The railroad also brought things to Kempton that they couldn’t get such as tractors and farm equipment.

In the 1930s-1950’s the railroad became known as the Berksy - as it transported students who wanted to attend high school to the school in Slatington.

In 1963 the WK&S started giving tourist rides on three and a half miles of track between Kempton and Wanamaker.

For more information about their train schedule and special events visit their website at

Located at: 42 Community Center Drive, Kempton, PA 19529

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