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Kaufmann’s Clock - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Prior to the Kaufmann’s Clock, there was a free-standing clock on a tall pedestal at the corner of Smithfield Street and 5th Avenue. In 1913, a 2500 pound bronze Kaufmann’s clock replaced the previous clock at the site of the local Kaufmann’s department store chain.

This corner has been known to be a meet-up spot for everything from weddings to kiss-offs. We have heard the tale of a young man who was waiting under the clock for his date to arrive. Under the clock, he met a young woman who was also waiting to meet her blind date. They both were stood-up so they went to dinner together. Not long after the two were married and had six kids. This is the magic of the clock! In 1981, the clock was declared a landmark.

The clock was dismantled for cleaning and repaired in 1987. The layers of grime were so thick that equipment used to clean bridges was needed to strip off the thick film of dirt.

In 2006 the May Company bought the Kauffmann’s chain and converted all the stores in the area to Macy’s. The Macy’s store, at this location, eventually closed.

Fortunately, for Pittsburgh residents the Kaufmann’s clock has been ticking for more than 100 years and for those who love this landmark hope it’s around for years to come.

Located at: 400 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

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