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Kalmbach Memorial Park - Macungie, PA

While driving the back country roads of Lehigh County, I stumbled across the beautiful Kalmbach Memorial Park nestled in the woods of Macungie, PA. The park is known for its enjoyable walking trails and is opened to the public from sunrise to sunset.

While walking the property admiring the decorations, a man came out of the historical home and asked if it was my first time there? zsxzQzReluctantly I answered yes. Embarrassed because I live less than 10 minutes from the park and have drove that road numerous times and never noticed it.

The man was Mike Brosky. He and his wife, Denise, live in the historic home and are the park administrators. Mike went on to tell me that the late, Mr. Frederick Kalmbach Sr., founder of Electric Furnace Man, in Emmaus, PA, left his twenty-acre homestead as a place for others to gather and appreciate nature, as he did.

With the appointment of the park  administrators, Mike and Denise Brosky, and under the direction of three Trustees, Karen Holt, John Albright, and Donald Young, the wishes of Mr. Kalmbach were granted.

Today the Kalmbach Memorial Park provides a variety of programs, workshops and events for all ages. Lectures, historical, health & botany programs are offered throughout the year; free to the community. Nature and walking trails are also open to the public.

Located at: 200 Cotton Street, Macungie, PA

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