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Juniata Crossings - Everett, PA

During our recent road trip, we drove past the historic Juniata Crossing building on Route 30 in Everett, PA. Currently, Juniata Crossings Country Mercantile is housed in the building.

The Juniata Crossing got its name from its original owner, James Martin, who operated a ferry on this site. Juniata came from the river and Crossing from the ferry. The building construction of the stone house started in 1813 when Hugh Dennison purchased the land.

Hugh knew this was a prime location to construct an inn and tavern for stagecoach travelers. Unfortunately, Hugh did not live to see the completion of his tavern. After his passing, his wife, Mary Dennison, continued with the construction and had it completed in 1818.

Juniata Crossings was the stop of many well-known and wealthy historical figures. Abraham Lincoln, Zachary Taylor, General Longstreet, P.T. Barnum, and Jenny Lind all supposedly lodged at the Juniata Crossings.

From 1818 to present-day, the Juniata Crossings has had many owners, each with different plans for the building. Everything from the tavern to bed and breakfast to what it is today, a beautiful gift shop owned by Paula and Kenny Clingerman. They selling primitive and traditional home and garden accents. It is located on the scenic grounds by the Juniata River at the Juniata Crossings.

The Juniata Crossings has been around for over 200 years and it's beautiful history continues on.

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