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Joseph Fegley, Haunted Aulenbach's Cemetery - Reading, PA

On the evening of Feb. 1, 1882, Joseph Fegley was crossing the snow-covered street heading to the East Reading Hotel. A sleigh, out on a joy ride, with 2 male and 11 female passengers slid uncontrollably down a hill. Mr. Fegley was struck by one of the horses, knocked down, trampled, one of the runners passed over his neck and he was drug 60 feet. The hotel proprietor, Charles Sproesser, tried to save Joseph but could not.

The two gentlemen on the sleigh, George Smith and Howard Rambo were taken into custody when the police finally caught up with them at 12th and Perkiomen.

Mr. Rambo claimed that Joseph hurled himself in front of the sleigh, while other witnesses claimed the horses were at full gallop and the driver was intoxicated. Mr. Rambo was charged with causing Mr. Fegley’s death by negligent and reckless driving.

Joseph Fegely was 54 years old at the time of death, leaving a widow and 4 children. We walked around this cemetery for a while and could not find his tombstone.

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