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Jonathan Bond Art Trail - Kempton, PA

While visiting the Hawk Mountain area, Dee remembered seeing a piece of artwork along the road. We stumbled across the Jonathan Bond Art Trail. This self-guided tour is in the Kempton, Berks County area.

We continued to drive the back country roads to view the reproductions of Jon’s original works of art. The pieces are placed at unusual places along the roadsides near areas Jon calls “home.” Each piece of artwork displays a plaque describing the story behind the painting.

The map of painting locations can be found at Jon’s paintings, prints and gift items are available for purchase at his art gallery located at: 59 Kempton Road, Kempton, PA 19529.

A special thanks to @placespennsylvania who posted this in 2021. We are always looking for new and interesting places to visit, research the history, eat & explore!

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