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Jean Bonnet Tavern - Bedford, PA

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The Jean Bonnet Tavern was built in 1769 at the fork where the 1758 Forbes Road diverged from the 1755 Burd Road. It has also been known as Old Forks Inn and Bonnet’s Tavern. The building was erected by Robert Callender, a trader with Native American tribes of Pennsylvania.

Jean Bonnet purchased the property in 1779 and opened an Inn. In 1794 the tavern became a meeting place for local farmers involved in the Whiskey Rebellion. The farmers raised a liberty pole in protest of the federal excise tax on whiskey. Farmers in this area used their excess grain and corn and distilled it into whiskey. They could use the whiskey as a trade instead of money. Needless to say this tax angered alot of the farmers.

In 1979 the tavern was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The inn is also reported to be haunted. There were two known hangings within the Jean Bonnet Tavern. In 1958 when new owners, the Enyeants, were digging up the basement they found a skeleton with a broken neck which suggested he died by hanging. Another body was discovered in the 1980s when a floor was repaired.

On our way home from our roadtrip we stopped for dinner. We had their salad topped with fries and soup.

Located at: 6048 Lincoln Highway, Bedford PA.

Click HERE to visit them online, view their menu and tavern hours.

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