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Jean Bertolet Memorial Cemetery - Oley, PA

The Jean Bertolet Memorial is nestled on the bank of Blacksmith Road, Oley, PA. Jean Bertolet was noted for his deep piety and benevolence. It was common of him to visit his Indian neighbors and relieve their wants and often gave them religious direction and prayed with them in their cabins.

He was one of the first Moravians of Oley and on terms of the closest intimacy with the leading men of the Church, especially Count Zinzendorf, who preached in his house in 1741 and 1742.

Jean Bertolet was born in 1686 in Niederwald, Bezirk Goms, Valais, Switzerland and died in 1757 in Oley, Berks County, PA. His wife, Susann DeHarcourt Bertolet was born in 1690 in Germany and preceded Jean. They had the following children: Abraham, Maria, John, Jean, Esther, Susannah, Frederick, Americus and Peter.

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