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Inn at Maple Grove - Alburtis, PA

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

John Keifer built several buildings in the Longswamp area around 1783, one being the inn which was originally a stage coach stop.

It is said that Thomas Edison made his headquarters at the Inn at Maple Grove when conducting some of his experiments in the area.

For years we heard the rumors that the inn was haunted. Locals have said that the inn is hexed. Staff members and previous owners of the inn have reported hearing footsteps, doors opening, things being unplugged, chilly areas, drinks fallen from tables and many more incidents. Supposedly the ghosts that haunt the inn are that of an Indian and a guest of the inn.

An Indian and a local white girl fell in love and she became pregnant. When the villagers found out who the girl was they immediately arrested the Indian, put him on trial and found him guilty of a trumped up charge. It is said that the Indian was hung in the common room, now the dining room at the inn, and buried beneath the fireplace. Before he was hung he vowed he would remain earthbound to prove his innocence.

Another guest was said to have been murdered in the second floor closet.

When we had dinner at the Inn at Maple Grove we didn’t experience any visits from ghosts but the food we had was amazing and the atmosphere friendly and welcoming. If you are in the area we definitely recommend having dinner here.

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