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Indian Tower - Nazareth, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Indian Tower sits at the highest point of Nazareth, PA and is a lookout tower. The original structure was a pavilion called "the summer house”. It was built in 1867 by John Jordan, Jr., who later donated $200 to the Moravian Historical Society to replace the pavilion with the present-day tower.

The Indian Tower is often thought to have been a lookout for hostile Native Americans. In actuality, the local Native Americans had assimilated in Pennsylvania, and the tower received its name from the Moravian Graveyard it overlooks, which contains some Indian burials.

The Moravian Graveyard was in use from 1744 to 1762. 67 people are buried there & only four were Native Americans. The original Indians would have been from the nearby village of Welagamika.

The tower is 30 feet in height & has been used for many purposes, such as; a defense lookout during World War II, as a repeater station for emergency services, and also as a place for visitors to rest and reflect.

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