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Ice Mine - Trough Creek State Park, James Creek, PA

Driving through Trough Creek State Park we came across an ice mine. The ice mine is not actually a mine but most likely a prospect hole for early iron miners. They did not discover iron ore, but did create a natural refrigerator.

In the winter, cold air diffuses up into the loose rock of the hillside. In the spring and summer, cold air flows down the mountainside and into the ice mine. This causes melting snow water to refreeze when it hits the cold air in the mine. Humid summer air adds more ice until all of the cold air has left the hillside, usually by late summer.

While driving down the windy road, keep your eye out for what looks like a picnic pavilion. Parking is alongside of the road. Walk down a short set of stairs. The closer you get to the bottom the cooler it gets. This ice mine is definitely worth visiting.

Located at: Trough Creek Drive, James Creek, PA 16657

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