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Hooded Grave Cemetery - Catawissa, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

During the fall we did some research on the hooded cages over burial plots.

We arrived to the Hooded Grave Cemetery in Catawissa, PA. Prior to 1874, the cemetery was known as the Mt. Zion Cemetery. This cemetery hosts two unique “caged burials” also known as mortsafes. A third cage on the property was removed around 1930.

The remaining two caged burials belong to Sarah Ann Boone and Asenath Thomas. Some believe that the elaborate and ornate cages were built as a show of wealth. The family of the deceased were active in the iron ore business. Could this just be a decorative burial piece?

Were these cages to protect the deceased from body snatchers, werewolves, witches or to keep animals out? Other’s say it is to prevent the vampires from coming out of their graves and attacking the locals.

Whatever the reason these cages exist it’s an interesting little mystery in American folklore. If you’re ever visiting Catawissa, PA, make sure to stop by and see the hooded cages for yourself.

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