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History of Constitution Drive - Allentown, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We have heard the recent stories of Constitution Drive in Salisbury Township, Allentown, PA and set out to do some research for ourselves. Constitution Drive is a long, isolated stretch of wooded, unpaved, pothole filled road that runs parallel to the Lehigh River and railroad tracks.

We have heard the legend and read stories that are connected with the road, which include that of a psycho albino who turns violent if you walk too close to his home. It is said that if you get out of your car and walk away, he will push your car into the river. Another legend is of the malicious spirit of a young girl whose screams can supposedly be heard at night throughout the woods. However, the most frequently reported legend is the apparition of a man and his two dogs.

If you are a local to the Allentown area, you most likely have heard the legend. Everyone seems to agree that the man was struck by a train which amputated his leg. As we all know, legends tend to have different versions of how things occurred. It is said that the man was walking his two dogs near the tracks when he was struck by an oncoming train. He laid for two days before eventually dying; his loyal dogs never left his side and they also died. Another version states the man and his dogs were killed instantly.

One thing all locals can agree on is that the man’s ghost is still walking his dogs on Constitution Drive. There have been reports of people seeing two dogs with glowing red eyes. On snowy days, people have reported seeing the tracks of two dogs, but only one footprint of the person walking them. There have also been reports of very loud, harmonious whistling sounds coming from all directions within the woods.

Over the years, Constitution Drive has been faced with a continuous litter problem – large amounts of trash, appliances, and household items have been thrown on the road, even though there are signs posted along the road that warn against this practice. Also, for years the road has attracted serious criminal activity: burglaries, rapes, arson and incidents of people shooting guns.

Today the only home located deep in the woods on Constitution Drive is owned by Mr. John Eberhard. He has lived on the property since 1978. We did not have the pleasure of meeting him, but we did pass him driving his vehicle and entering his secure and gated home. Additional readings and research indicated that the man who lives in the only home on Constitution Drive is the “evil albino”. Mr. Eberhard is not an albino and appeared to be a harmless man.

Mr. Eberhard is probably not delighted with the frequent drivers that drive down the desolate, one way, road he resides on – whether it is innocent people like us researching, people driving to dispose of their trash, or a crime being committed. This is his home. How would you feel if the street you resided on had this type of activity?

Prior to Mr. Eberhard living on the property, it was owned by a coal company, and Harry Johnson who was the owner of Annville Pig Stable.

At the paved entrance to Constitution Drive is the entrance to Walking Purchase Park. We did see people riding their mountain bikes, runners and walkers enjoying the path. For more information on the park, visit:

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