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Historic Wigwam Village #2 - Cave City, KY

When my son and I go on a road trip we just wing it. We never have any formal plans for reservations. Most of the time it works out. Unfortunately this time it did not. When we called to make a reservation at Wigwam Village #2 it was completely booked. We decided to stop by and check it out to see what we missed out on.

Frank A. Redford built Wigwam Village No. 1 in Horse City, KY in 1935 after seeing authentic teepees on a visit to a Sioux reservation in South Dakota.

The historic Wigwam Village No. 2, gas station and lunch counter were built in 1937 and became a popular stop. There was a community area in the center of the circle of wigwams. The main wigwam stands 52 feet high and originally housed a restaurant and gift shop. The restaurant closed in the 1970s and it now only houses a gift shop. Each of the 15 wigwams have private bathrooms. Furnishings are original from the 1930s.

Five more wigwam villages were built in Alabama, Florida, New Orleans, California and Arizona. Wigwam Village #2 is only one of three remaining (#2 Cave City, Kentucky, #6 Holbrook, Arizona and #7 in Rialto, California). Wigwam Village #2 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

For more information visit:

Located at: 601 N. Dixie Highway, Cave City, KY.

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