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Historic Schaefferstown, PA

Thomas R. Brendle Museum - Schaefferstown, PA

Built in 1909 for the Patriotic Order Sons of America. The main floor was used for fairs, dances, plays, silent movies, concerts, dances and graduations. In 1947 the building housed a tobacco processing plant. It is now a museum.

Located at: 111 North Market Street, Schaefferstown, PA

Fountain Park

Fountain Park in Schaefferstown, PA is home to one of the United States’ oldest documented public water systems. Schaefferstown was founded in June of 1758 by Alexander Schaeffer and his wife, Anna. Mr. Schaeffer ran 1,300 feet of wooden pipe made from oak from the watershed to the tavern, troughs and springs. In 1845 the wooden pipes were replaced with cast iron pipes.

The trough that is now located in Fountain Park was originally located in town. It was moved and reconstructed and a historical marker was unveiled on April 22, 1995.

Located at: Market Street, Schaefferstown, PA

The Franklin House

The King George, now known as The Franklin House, was built in 1746 as a hotel by Alexander Schaeffer. The hotel is one of the oldest functioning taverns in the country. To provide water to the tavern Mr. Schaeffer installed underground wooden pipes from the spring to the hotel.

Located at: 101 N Market St, Schaefferstown, PA

Gemberling-Rex House

Paul Gemberling built this tavern around 1758 and operated until 1802. Samuel & Mary Rex purchased the property and made it their home until 1974. The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Located at: 106 North Market Street, Schaefferstown, PA

Granite Basin

The granite basin replaced the wooden water trough in 1936.

Located at: South Market Street, Schaefferstown, PA

Lebanon Valley National Bank

The First National Bank of Schaefferstown was built of sandstone in 1910. It is now a private residence.

Located at: 103 North Market Street, Schaefferstown, PA

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