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Hickory Run Cemetery - The Flood - Albrightsville, PA

Isaac & Susan Gould built a small one and a half story cabin along a stream in Hickory Run. Isaac owned several saw mills in the area.

Upstream from the Gould’s home a dam was being built on quicksand by a wealthy Philadelphia family. Isaac went to the owner begging him to halt construction of the dam but the owner would not listen. Isaac even served legal notice, but the dam was still built.

On the evening of Oct. 29, 1849, their daughter, 11 year old Lizzie, arrived home after a trip to town. The news in town was that they feared that the dam would break after a series of storms in the area and would not last the night. Despite their fears Susan put the children to bed. Isaac was in the forest quite a distance away marking trees and Susan didn’t want to make a decision to leave without him.

At 4 am on October 30, 1849 the dam broke and a wall of water slammed into the Gould home. The Gould home was lifted off its foundation and moved downstream 500 feet, submerging the home. Susan managed to break a hole in the roof to get her children onto the roof and waited for rescue. The only child that could not be found was Lizzie. Susan swore she was fine because she heard Lizzie calling out to her. Unfortunately after a search, some mill hands found Lizzie’s body close to the home under a pile of driftwood.

Winfield, the baby, died a few weeks later from exposure due to the cold the night of the flood.

Isaac sued the Philadelphia dam owner but lost his case. He moved his family to Trenton, NJ after the flood.

Many people report that Lizzie’s ghost is still wandering around the area - playing in the woods by the cemetery or near the creek or walking along route 534.

Jacob West, the town blacksmith, also lost his wife and four of his children during the flood. All are buried under one tombstone.

Hickory Run Cemetery is located directly across the road from the Shades of Death Trail. Most of the stones are broken or in bad shape.

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