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Haunted Schuylkill Canal at Five Locks near Hamburg, PA

The Five Locks Canal is reported to be one of the most haunted areas in Berks County.

It is said that a young girl drowned in one of the locks after tripping and falling into the canal. She now plays hide-and-seek with friends. On another site someone had said this was a distant relative and the young girl that drowned was 6 year old Ida Moyer who is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery.

There is another story of a 21 year old man, Calvin Reber, who was seized by cramps and drowned in July of 1896 in the canal. Born October 30, 1874 - July 12, 1896. Buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Shoemakersville.

Also Richard Shockley committed suicide by standing in front of a locomotive in March of 1899 near the Five Locks.

Could the Five Locks Canal be haunted by the ghosts of all those that perished in the canal or near it?

Ida May Moyer - 3/1891 - 2/1897 (5 years)

Calvin A. Reber - 10/30/1874 - 7/12/1896 (21 years)

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