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Harley Warrick - Mail Pouch Barn Painter - Belmont, OH

Harley Warrick was the last barn painter for the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company of Wheeling, WV. Over his career, Harley painted & retouched over 20,000 barns with the Mail Pouch logo.

In 1946, after returning from WWII, Harley was invited to help paint a family’s dairy barn and his career in barn painting began. Harley and his partner could paint a barn in 6 hours, sometimes painting two barns a day. If they repainted a logo they could paint 5 barns in a day. When Harley first started painting he was paid $32.00 a week. Harley’s work has been displayed in the Smithsonian Institute.

Mail Pouch advertised on barns across 15 states with the logo Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco - Treat Yourself to the Best.

In 1965 the Highway Beautification Act restricted roadside advertising. After that Harley refinished barn signs for their historical value until his retirement in 1993. In retirement he painted and sold miniature mail pouch barns, mailboxes and bird feeders.

Harley Ernest Warrick (10/5/1924 - 11/24/2000) is buried at Belmont Cemetery, Belmont, OH.

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