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Grist Mill - Barto, PA

Bobb’s/Latshaw/Saylor’s Grist Mill - Barto, PA

This beautiful old mill was built around 1729 by Christian Beidler. It is considered a double mill, is built of stone/stucco and is 2-3 stories.

In 1744, John (Johann) Conrad Bobb bought the property from Christian Beidler.

There is a gap of time between the next purchase when Daniel Bobb Sr. bought it from his mother after his father’s death. The property stayed in the Bobb family until 1876.

The mill was expanded to its present size and updated to water turbine power. After a flood, the turbines were clogged with mud. It then ran off steam power. The engine and engine room, that produced steam power, are no longer there but most of the other equipment remains.

Sometime during the 1950's, the mill shut down due to lack of business or because the building was no longer structurally sound. There were major cracks in the stone walls and walking on the first floor was very dangerous.

Hyde Ballard, bought the mill from Mrs. Saylor who was the last operator in the 1960's. Ballard sold the property in the early 1980's.

We were unable to find any other information on the home and mill. We do know that in recent years the grist mill has had some beautiful repair work done to the exterior.

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