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Granny's Motel Statue - Frackville, PA

Granny’s Motel opened in 1986. Outside of the motel stands a 15’ foot Pioneer Woman or Pie Woman and Child. Supposedly the statue once stood at the Pot-O-Gold Diner in Hamburg, PA then moved to Granny’s Motel after the diner closed.

The statue is visible from Rt 61 shortly after you come off the exit. It frightens drivers passing by and guests visiting or staying at the motel. Many feel that both the mom and child look masculine and they gaze creepily towards the highway, giving them an eerie feeling.

Visitors feel the little girl is extremely disturbing. Instead of a toddler face, she has the face of a 40-year-old man and is dragging a decapitated doll across the platform they stand upon. It is said that when people visit the statue, they drop change in the opening of the doll’s head. There was something stuffed in the head of the baby doll while we were there.

Some guests have made online reservations to the motel, and once they arrive and see the statue, turn around and find somewhere else to stay. The statue gives people the feeling of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village and The Handmaid's Tale. This may be the oddest roadside attraction we have seen so far.

Our research indicated that the motel did not have the best reviews. Although the motel is for sale, it is still open to overnight guests. It is within a 15-minute drive of Locust Lake State Park. If you have ever stayed at the motel, we would love to hear about your stay!

Motel is located at: 115 West Coal Street, Frackville, PA

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