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Government of the People Statue - Philadelphia, PA

An inverted pyramid of human arms, legs, and torsos is what "Government of the People" appears to be at first glance. The piece was created by Jacques Lipchitz and was dedicated in 1976.

Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973) was a native of Lithuanian. In 1909 he moved to Paris to study art. He was known as the most significant ‘Cubist’ sculptor of his time; although, his work was viewed as more rounded in form than traditional cubists.

The sculpture resembles a “conglomeration” of human forms. From the bottom to the very top of the statue, one may see a number of things: a young couple and an older couple, a family group (parents and child) and some see a process of continual struggle, mutual support and dedication, and eventual triumph. Although, we may not all see the same thing, many agree that it is a unique and rare statue oddly placed in The Board Game Art Park, at the Municipal Building Plaza in Philadelphia.

Located at: Municipal Services Building Plaza, John F. Kennedy Boulevard between 15th and Broad Streets

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