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Gettin Crabby at the Crab Barn - Reading, PA

The Crab Barn was founded in 1992 by James Lukens and Peter Toll. Toll changed the Crab Barn to a sports bar which eventually closed in 2008.

Michael & Joanne Rhodes purchased the rundown building with plans to open a seafood restaurant like their successful Getting Crabby restaurant in Stuart, FL. All the wood in the building was reclaimed. Many of the doors and other parts are from the stables of the late John E. DuPont estate. After all the renovations the restaurant finally opened in November 2016.

Even though their reviews were not great, we stopped by for a quick bite to eat. Their soup and salad was pretty good and the interior of the barn is beautiful!

Locate at: 2613 Hampden Blvd., Reading, PA

To visit their website for hours and menu options, click HERE.

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