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George Washington Mural - Bedford, PA

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The mural of Young George Washington is located on East Pitt Street in Bedford, PA. It was painted in 2014 by a local artist, Michael Long.

Colonel George Washington led the Virginia Troops to Fort Raystown in Central PA. Under the direction of Brigadier General Forbes, British and Provincial Troops had been ordered to cut a road 200 miles west and capture the strategic forces of the Ohio River from the French. After the capture of Fort Duquesne, which is now known as Pittsburgh, Washington returned to Fort Raystown, which soon became known as Fort Bedford.

On October 19, 1794, President George Washington rode into Bedford, PA to stop the farmers from protesting the Whiskey tax. This is the only time in American History that a President led an army in the field.

Mural is located at: East Pitt Street, Bedford, PA

Additional place to visit in Bedford, PA:

Anderson House - Located at: 137 E Pitt St, Bedford, PA 15522

Espy House - Located at: 123 East Pitt Street, Bedford, PA

Pitt Theatre - Located at: 134 East Pitt Street, Bedford, PA

Jean Bonnet Tavern - Located at: 6048 Lincoln Highway, Bedford PA.

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