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Fulton Steamboat Inn - Lancaster, PA

Fulton Steamboat Inn is located in Lancaster, PA and was named after Robert Fulton. Robert was born a few miles from the inn and is the man most responsible for developing the idea of propelling boats by steam and transforming the way in which people traveled around the world.

While the inn was never an actual steamboat, the architecture and design of the property definitely makes it look like one. In 1990 the inn opened and has undergone renovations to keep the inn looking up-to-date. The steamboat inn is an obvious hit with all generations: young and old.

The Inn has three elegant decks of charmingly decorated rooms featuring Victorian and Nautical themes. When guests arrive they are referred to as passengers, children are Junior First Mates and the floors are called decks.

The inn has the following amenities - Huckleberry’s Restaurant & Tavern, heated indoor pool, whirlpool, duck and koi feeding pond, walking trail, playground, fire pit and patio, gift shop, fitness center, game room, banquet facility and wi-fi.

For more information on the inn, visit them online at:

Located at: 1 Hartman Bridge Road, Lancaster, PA 17602

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