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Fulton Opera House - Lancaster, PA

Built in 1852 the Fulton Hall was named after the county’s steam engine pioneer, Robert Fulton. It was built on the foundation of Lancaster’s pre-Revolutionary jail where in 1763 the massacre of the last surviving Conestoga Indians took place. It also served to incarcerate fugitive slaves.

The Fulton Theater opened in October 1873 and during its history hosted performances by famous names such as Mark Twain, Lily Tomlin, Louis Armstrong, Debbie Reynolds and many more.

The theater also is reported to be haunted. One such spirit is that of Marie Cahill, silent movie starlet, known as the Woman in White. Marie was a performer at the Fulton in the early 1900s. She is said to hang around the old staircase near the stage. It is reported that she was difficult to work with.

Another spirit is that of the Whistler. He is said to wear a suit with brown shoes and a straw hat and you can hear him whistle.

The Fulton Opera House is a National Historic Landmark.

Located at: 12 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA

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