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Friendly Giants of Kentucky’s Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest - Clermont, Kentucky

German immigrant, Isaac W. Bernheim came to America in March of 1867. After struggling for several years as a peddler he moved to Kentucky and started a distilling business. Bernheim and Brothers Distilling Company achieved success with their bourbon I. W. Harper.

In 1929 Mr. Bernheim purchased 16,000 acres that is now called Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. He dedicated the land as a gift to the people of his new homeland.

As part of their 90th anniversary, Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, constructed 3 giant sculptures using recycled wood. The forest giants are Mama Lourmari and her children, Little Nis and Little Elina and one on the way.

Little Nis is fascinated with her own reflection.

Mama Lourmari, who is expecting a baby giant, is relaxing and enjoying nature.

Little Elina loves to play with rocks.

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