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Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge - Valley Forge, PA

Founded in 1949, the Freedoms Foundation is located across from the Valley Forge National Historical Park, in Valley Forge, PA on 42 acres. The property was once part of General George Washington's Valley Forge encampment during the American Revolutionary War.

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge was established to help others have a better understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They provide educational programs for students of all ages, and college-accredited, graduate-level, professional-development courses for teachers.

The property is very large so give yourself plenty of time to explore the beautiful grounds, statues and historical buildings.

Located at: 1601 Valley Forge Road, Valley Forge, PA 19481

The Bill of Responsibilities Monument

The Bill of Responsibilities monument was created by the Freedoms Foundation. It is a reminder of the obligations that citizens should fulfill as a member of our free society. In 1989, this 14-foot marble monument was donated by Milan Panic.

PA Gold Star Families Memorial

The Gold Star Families Memorial was dedicated on Sept. 21, 2014 and honors all families whose loved ones were killed while serving our nation. Inspired and designed by Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams. His foundation is determined to have more than one memorial in every state. This was the second monument of its kind in the country.

George Washington on horse

This statue, by Utah sculptor Stan Watts, portrays George Washington on his horse.

Medal of Honor Grove Gatehouse

This small pavilion is located at the entrance of the Medal of Honor Grove and was given by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of New York. The Gatehouse was dedicated on Sept. 1, 1974, by the 29th Division Association and its Ladies Auxiliary.

George Washington Statue

In 1967, the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania gifted this statue. This nine-foot statue depicts George Washington, kneeling in prayer. This bronze statue was sculpted by artist Donald DeLue. The statue refers to the story told by Isaac Potts when he came upon General Washington while he was praying in Valley Forge during the winter encampment.

Abraham Lincoln Statue

This statue was created by Stan Watts. It is located at the entrance of the Medal of Honor Grove and shows the 16th president delivering the Gettysburg Address on Nov. 19, 1863.


In 1967, this nondenominational chapel was built. It is used for student and teacher programs, for services, speakers, and signers’ ceremonies. It is not open to the public; however, wedding ceremonies are permitted.

Praying Statue

Created by Stan Watts, this statue depicts Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson kneeling in prayer.

Alexander Hamilton Building: colonial style dormitories

Eternal Flame Sculpture

On September 26, 1993, the Eternal Flame Sculpture was dedicated by Evelyn Rome Tabas and Daniel M. Tabas in honor of Evelyn’s father, Rabbi Sigmund J. Rome.

Martha Washington Building: Administration and Check-in.

While in the area, we also suggest visiting:

East Vincent United Church of Christ - Spring City, PA - This was the site of the German Reformed Church that was used as a hospital for Washington’s men, during the Battle of Brandywine. For more information click HERE

Revolutionary War Soldiers Cemetery - Spring City, PA - This small cemetery contains the graves of 22 Revolutionary War Soldiers from the Battle of Brandywine and encampment of Valley Forge. For more information, click HERE

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