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Fletcher Cemetery - Fletcher, OH

Miniature Log Cabin Tombstone - Could not read the name on the cabin so could not find any information on the family.

The Duncan family monument features a “mourning chair” for loved ones to use while visiting their graves. Mourning chairs were popular in the 1800s. Sundays after church many families would picnic in the cemeteries while visiting their family that had passed. Eventually “mourning chairs” became known as “devil’s chairs” associated with the occult. The “devils chairs” were said to be cursed and if you sat in one something bad would happen to you.

James Robert Duncan - Born in Canada on 11/10/1836 - died in Ohio at the age of 93 on 8/7/1930. James was drafted into the Civil War in 1863.

James’ wife - Margaret J. Garbry Duncan - 10/17/1835 - 12/22/1901 - 66 years

Located at: 8245 Church Road, Fletcher, OH

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