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Fleetwood Metal Body Company - Fleetwood, PA

The Fleetwood Metal Body Company was established on April 1, 1909 by Harry C. Urich. It was an automobile body builder for Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and many others.

In 1925 Fisher Body Company purchased the plant. Fisher invested in the plant, increasing the workforce from 400 to 700. Production was boosted from 80 workers per month to more than 400.

When Fisher Body Co. bought Fleetwood Metal Body Co, General Motors had a 60 percent stake in Fisher Body Co. GM bought the remaining 40 percent in 1926.

In 1931, Fleetwood production was consolidated into Fisher’s Detroit operations and GM moved to Detroit.

GST Auto Leather (formerly Garden State Tannery) later occupied the buildings, but in 2003 they moved its U.S. operations to Mexico.

On Dec 24, 2005 there was a fire that destroyed the production plant. The fire was attributed to a window AC unit that had been set on “heat”. It was being used to prevent water pipes from freezing.

The photos we took of this building was the only structure that survived the fire. It was originally used for final assembly, finishing and rail shipping

Located at: Locust and Franklin Streets, Fleetwood, PA

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