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Fire Hydrants - Emmaus, PA

The Emmaus Arts Program and the local fire company commissioned the painting of old rusty fire hydrants to beautify their streets and showcase talent in the Emmaus community.

Moxie by Hattie Frey in honor of her dog.

Located at: 399 Spruce Street, Emmaus, PA

Painted by Christine Frobase in honor of the local Boy Scouts Troop 25. Located at 3rd & North Streets.

Ice Cream painted by Christine Frobase. Located near Sweet Memories.

Gnome by Taylor Rojek & Hattie Frey. Located at 324 Spruce Street.

Hero designed by Bob Boehmer & Matt McCrae in a tribute to first responders. Located at 3rd and Seem.

Painted by Gayle Hendricks and located at Main and 3rd Streets.

Painted by Kelly Herbert James and located in front of Jasper Wellness.

Painted by Tarin Bosh and located in front of Amber Connection.

Painted by Lauren Beck in honor of the Emmaus Farmers Market. Located on Ridge Street near the Emmaus Public Library.

Painted by Amy Huber & her family in memory of Abbie Zukowski. The hydrant shows Abbie's love of astronomy and soccer.

Painted by Lauren Kuhn. Located at the William's Street basketball and softball/baseball diamonds.

Painted by Shannon Singerling and located at 637 Chestnut Street.

20s and 30s cartoons mixed with elements of Emmaus were painted on this fire hydrant by artist Kasandra Brittenburg. Located on Jubilee Street at Switchback Pizza.

For more information on how to obtain an application to design a hydrant, click HERE

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