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Fairview Cemetery - Kutztown, PA

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Do you ever walk around a cemetery and see beautiful angel monuments and are curious about the person buried there?  During one of our lunchtime walks we came across a few angels in the Fairview Cemetery and had to try to find information the person buried there.

Located at: 15175-15183 Kutztown Rd., Kutztown, PA 19530.

Russell Stichler Dries - September 12, 1906 - February 9, 1909

From the Kutztown Patriot - The floral tributes at the funeral of Russell, the two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Dries, of the Keystone House, who died from the effects of drinking poison, were among the most beautiful seen in Kutztown for some time. The casket and room were literally covered with beautiful designs. The remains were attired in a white silk dress and white slippers and lay in a plush-covered couch casket with silver trimmings and a plat on the lid, on which was inscribed the name of the deceased. The body was covered with an eiderdown blanket.

Infant Boy - February 16. 1993

On February 15, 1993 a custodian found a newborn baby boy in the trash can bathroom of Old Main at Kutztown University. The umbilical cord was still attached.

All that is known is the infant died before birth because his mother had a severe uterine infection that caused his lungs to fill with fluid. The mother of the newborn was never found.

30 people from the University attended the infant’s funeral service at Fairview Cemetery in Kutztown. The infant’s casket, outfit and plot were all donated.

A single pink rose tied to a blue and white check ribbon on top of his casket was dropped off at the funeral home the day before the service by an unidentified young woman.

A stone marker reads “Infant Boy, born and died February 1993. In God’s Love”.

To this day people still place momentoes when they visit his grave.

Edna S. Kohler - November 20, 1889 - November 6, 1902

Kutztown Patriot - The funeral of Edna Kohler, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Kohler, was the largest child funeral ever seen in Kutztown and the largest of all funerals held in years. Everything about the funeral was in keeping with the wealth of the family and the love in which the parents held the lovely and only daughter.

Pvt. James D. Sander - 7/17/1843 - 4/14/1878 (34 years)

James was a bugler in the band of the 88th PA Infantry during the Civil War.

Hilda Schmehl - September 6, 1893 - April 14, 1901

From the Kutztown Patriot - The entire town is bowed down in profound sympathy with the family of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Schmehl, of upper Main Street, who lost their bright and sweet daughter Hilda by death. The child died on Sunday evening at 6:20 of cerebrospinal meningitis, after an illness of three weeks, ages 7 years. The child was exceptionally bright for her age and her disposition was of rare sweetness. She was a particular pet of Dr. Harley and family who live next door and where she spent a good deal of her time. Her death affected the venerable minister so much that he was unable to preach and suspended the evening services. For the same reason he declined to conduct the funeral services. The parents and neighbors did everything possible to save the child’s life. Five physicians were called into consultation and a trained nurse was summoned from Reading. Besides the grief-stricken parents the following brothers and sisters survive: Bernard S., Philadelphia; Truman, Claribel and Esther, residing at home. The funeral was held on Thursday and was one of the saddest witnesses here in a long time.

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