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Emmaus Moravian Church - Emmaus, PA

A small log church was built in 1742 on land given by Jacob Ehrenhardt and the cemetery became what is now God's Acre Cemetery located at Third and Adrian streets.

Emmaus then became a closed Moravian village in 1758-1759.

The current Moravian Church was built in 1834 and re-modeled in 1927. At the time the church was built the town was known as Maguntsche (Macungie), a Native American word for feeding place of the bears.”

The bell on the property was casted in Philadelphia, PA in 1788 by Samuel Parker and was installed at its current location in 1978.

The Emmaus Moravian Church also has a "Blessing Box" for community members who are in need. Food and personal care donations are organized weekly. The box is located at the side of the church.

The Emmaus Moravian Church is located at: 146 East Main Street, Emmaus, PA

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