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Eckley Miners' Village - Weatherly, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Eckley Miners’ Village is located in Weatherly, PA. It is a well-preserved coal town (patch town) founded in 1854 which provided mining families with the basic necessities such as housing, medical care, store, school and churches. Companies often constructed communities to house their employees in close proximity to the mining operations. Eckley Miners Village would have met it’s demise had it not been for Paramount Pictures who settled on the town to shoot their film The Mollie Maguires which premiered in 1970.

Eckley Miners’s Village is now a museum representing the lives of the immigrant anthracite coal miners and their families. When we visited the museum was not open, but we did walk through the town. We recommend if you have ancestors who worked or lived in mining communities or if you are interested in the history of the coal regions you should visit this museum. If you have no particular connection to mining, but are in the area, this is a stop well worth making.

For more information on location and museum hours, visit:

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