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East Vincent United Church of Christ - Spring City, PA

Just a short walk across Route 23 and up Hill Church Road leads you to East Vincent UCC, which was once the site of the German Reformed Church that was used as a hospital for Washington’s men, during the Battle of Brandywine.

The first church on this site was a log cabin constructed in 1758 and was the building in existence during the fall 1777 and winter 1778 when it was used as a hospital. The log cabin was later torn down and a new church was built, pictured below.

The Battle of Brandywine resulted in many casualties and as the armies headed toward East Vincent township, they brought along the wounded soldiers to be cared for. There were no hospitals in existence, so the members of the German Reformed Church gathered their pews and placed them outside to make space for beds for the injured American troops.

This was not a battle that would end quickly.

The church/hospital volunteers cared for the wounded and sick during the war. It was said that the commander of the troops, General George Washington, visited the church/hospital numerous times to check on his soldiers. Unfortunately, the soldiers did not survive; medical care was not what it is today.

A kind-hearted church member, Henry Hipple, donated a plot of vacant land at the foot of the hill to be used for the soldiers’ final resting place. Today, that land is the burial grounds of 22 Revolutionary Soldiers.

Also visit the Revolutionary War Soldier Cemetery (within walking distance of church).

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