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Duck Walk, Yardley, PA

Dapper the Duck

Paying tribute to Pennsbury Prom - the most incredible night of the year. Dapper the Duck was painted by artist Tony Napoli, who coordinated the Pennsbury Prom for more than a decade before retiring.

Dapper the Duck represents what prom has become, what it stands for, community involvement and how everyone comes together to give the students a night they will remember.

Napoli was assisted on the project by former students Deanna Michalovicz, Robin Evans, Annie Kruzinski and Deirdre Hennessey. Also helping were Leslie Kliesh, a parent who volunteers with the prom, and PHS art teacher Curtis May.

Located in Buttonwood Park, Yardley, PA

Mabel the Duck

Mable the Duck is located In Yardley, Pa. She was the first duck and was created by artists Lisa and Max Edwards, the owners of Yardley Tattoo, who used a classic rose tattoo theme with a red, green and gold color scheme; she is beautiful and elegant. 

The duck is sponsored by attorney Russ Sacco and CPA Lynne Sleweski who have offices at 57 South Main Street, the duck’s home for the next several years

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