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Doolittle Station, DuBois PA

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Doolittle Station is located in DuBois, PA. It opened for business in 2015. It began as a cafe and creamery and over the years added rail cars.

The station has the following:

  • a dinosaur museum

  • minature golf

  • Doolittle Station Museum called the Depot

  • The Parlor Car that has farm-to-table dining

  • Boxcar Brew Works

  • Rail Car Pizza

  • Sleeper Car Bed & Breakfast

  • Model Railroad Museum & Gift Shop

  • The Roadside Cafe

  • The Creamery

  • The Caring Caboose: for families of individuals with Autism to be able to dine out.

Among the most fascinating at the station are Teddy Roosevelt’s campaign train and two cars from the Barnum and Bailey Circus that are part of the Bed and Breakfast. The Teddy Roosevelt campaign train is a historic 1901 Pullman car used during his northern tour. It does include a modern bathroom and shower. It has bunkbeds in the event you would like to bring your whole family. The other two sleeping options are the red and blue cabooses.

There are also several dinosaurs throughout the station. Have fun with the family or friends at the 18 hole miniature golf course that is dinosaur themed.

The station also has a diner car that provides a 50’s experience. It has vintage decor and Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe will greet you at the door.

For more information on train cars and hours of operation, visit their website at:

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