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County Movie Theatre, Doylestown, PA

Movies began in Doylestown in 1907 when Hellyer’s Movie House opened on South Main Street. In 1909 Hellyer’s Movie House moved across the street to Lenape Hall and operated until 1925 and then became the Strand Theatre. On September 3, 1938 it was replaced by the County Theater.

The seating capacity was for 700 and it was air-conditioned. The movie that was playing was “Little Miss Broadway '' starring Shirley Temple. The theater was an important gathering place until 1990 when it closed its doors for 6 months. It reopened and then closed again in 1992 for 9 months. The theatre was leased by Closely Watched Films and reopened on February 5, 1993. Over the years money was raised for renovations to the theater.

Located at: 20 East State Street, Doylestown, PA

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