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Concrete City - Nanticoke, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Concrete City, also known as Garden City of the Anthracite region, was constructed in 1911 by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad coal division for employees of the Truesdale Colliery.

The city consisted of 20 duplex homes made entirely of concrete hidden in the woods of Nanticoke. Each duplex had 2 levels with a basement. The first level had a living room, dining room and a kitchen and the second level had 4 bedrooms. There was an outhouse at the back of each home. The homes were laid out in a rectangle with a large courtyard, swimming pool and baseball field in the middle. The community also had sidewalks and electric street lights.

Only 40 high level employees of Truesdale Colliery were able to move into the village. The rent was $8.00 a month and English had to be the first language of the residents. The homes were wet and drafty and the recreational areas were haunted by accidents. One such incident of a boy who drowned in the wading pool. The outhouses were the downfall of the town as the owners refused to install the necessary sewer system.

In 1914 Concrete City was abandoned. D & L railroad tried to demolish the city using 100 sticks of dynamite, but failed.

Address: Hanover St, Nanticoke, PA 18634

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