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Columcille Megalith Park - Bangor, PA

Columcille Megalith Park is located in Bangor, PA.  The park traces its roots back to 1967. Park founder William Cohea visited Iona, a small island off the western coast of Scotland. 

William had a dream atop the island’s tallest mountain, Dun I. He was transformed by the gorgeous, ancient setting; felt it held a peaceful, possibly healing quality. When returning to the States, he decided to recreate that aura by erecting stones of his own. 

Based on the Scottish isle of Iona and its ancient Celtic stones, the park has been arranged with rings, rows, and structures made of huge standing rocks. The park’s founders began constructing the landscapes in 1978. The park now features over 90 stone settings with epic names such as Thor's Gate and Glen of the Temple. 

The park is on 19+acres. There is a donation requested to enter this privately-owned park. We highly recommend visiting; It’s beautiful and a trip worth taking.


Located at: 2155 Fox Gap Road, Bangor, PA 18013.

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