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Claudia Sanders Dinner House - Shelbyville, Kentucky

In 1959 Colonel Harland Sanders and his wife, Claudia, moved from southern Kentucky to Shelbyville. Blackwood Hall, a 125 year old building, which is adjacent to the Dinner House, served as Sander’s house and base of operation for Kentucky Fried Chicken. In 1964 Colonel Sanders sold Kentucky Fried Chicken and the company offices were moved.

After selling off KFC he was angry that the recipes were changed and opened up The Colonel’s Lady in 1968. Lawsuits went back and forth and finally Colonel Sanders agreed to change the name of the restaurant to Claudia Sanders Dinner House. The dinner house burned down in 1999. The restaurant was rebuilt and has been serving Harland and Claudia’s famous recipes ever since.

I have to say their food was amazing.

The dinner house is located at: 3202 Shelbyville Road, Shelbyville, KY

For more information visit:

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