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Civil War Hospital - Orrtanna, PA

The Hugh Culbertson Farm was once a temporary Field Hospital for the 6th Cavalry during the Civil War. On July 3, 1863, the rear guard of the Confederate Cavalry and the 6th Union Cavalry fought in this area.

"Field" hospitals were a place in the battlefield area, such as churches, barns, homes, shops, and schools, which were used to provide medical attention to the wounded.

In 1983, the blue historic markers were erected by Historic Gettysburg - Adams County and the Hospital and Healthsystem Assoc. of Pennsylvania.

We were not able to get a good photo of the home. There were large trees in front of the home which blocked the view of taking a photo from the road.

Located at: 1241 Carrolls Tract Rd, Orrtanna PA 17353

(across the street from Woerner Orchards)

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