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Child Buried in Middle of Road - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Charles Dummett was born on August 14, 1844, the only son of Douglas Dummett, a prominent leader, and a slave named Leandra “Anna” Fernandez. Charles was sent up north for a proper education. He returned home in 1860 for a visit and died of a hunting accident. It is unclear how he was shot.

His father, grief stricken by his son’s death, buried him where he fell. The inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Charles Dummett, born Aug. 18, 1844 Died April 23, 1860.

In the 1950s developers tried to have the grave relocated but had so much difficulty they decided to build the road around the grave. The site of the grave has been designated as a landmark by the Historic New Smyrna Beach Preservation Commission and a National Register of Historical Places.

Located at: Canova Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL

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