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Cashtown Inn - Orrtanna, PA

Tucked away along the scenic Lincoln Highway, The Historic Cashtown Inn is one of Gettysburg's oldest and most reputable culinary establishments.

The Cashtown Inn was built in 1797 and was named after the first innkeeper, Peter Marck, who would only accept cash. I’m assuming Mr. Marck only accepted cash and did not set up tabs since credit cards had not been invented yet. In 1815 Marck acquired a tavern license and had four rooms available.

During the Gettysburg Campaign the inn became the headquarters for many Confederate officers. The upper portion of the inn was used for planning Union attacks, while the basement served as a field hospital during battle. Stories go that there were so many amputations performed in the basement that limbs piled up and no sunlight would come into the cellar windows.

Cashtown Inn is still in operation today as a restaurant and B&B. The Inn has four rooms and three suites available - each named after a Confederate general.

The inn was on an episode of Ghost Hunters due to paranormal activity. Also Sam Elliott stayed at the Cashtown Inn during filming of Gettysburg.

Located at: 1325 Old Rte 30, Orrtanna, PA 17353

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