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Bunkers of Alvira - Allenwood, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Bunkers of Alvira are located in Allenwood, PA . After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the government seized the small town of Alvira which housed approximately 100 people. A bomb factory along with 149 concrete “igloo-style” bunkers were built to store explosive materials. They were only open for 11 months.

The land that the bunkers are on is now state game lands and a correctional facility. During 2020, we explored several of the bunkers that were not sealed shut, along the dirt road that ends at a gate to the correctional facility. There are two cemeteries along this road and also ruins from the houses that once stood in the town of Alvira.

A word of advice, do NOT go during hunting season. While trying to explore one of the ruins two loud gun shots rang close by. Not sure if it was a warning to us or they were actually targeting a deer.

There are several bunkers along the road, but they can easily be missed while driving. They are overgrown with grass, branches and trees so be ready to do some exploring.

Today, little remains of the Pennsylvania Ordnance Works or the town of Alvira. It is still possible to see some of these bunkers and some remnants of the community by visiting State Game Lands 252, along 1787 Alvira Road in Allenwood.

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